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Our Story


The idea for YouMeMine came out of necessity when our founder, Melanie, was personally going through the process of searching for an egg donor. "As is the case for most people, by the time we had reached this part of our journey, we were mentally and emotionally exhausted. I just wanted one place to search for donors and agencies, but wasn’t able to find it. I didn’t want to have to register with 20 agencies, remember my logins and track all of my favorites on spreadsheets, but I did. The whole process took such a toll on us individually and as a couple, that we ended up not moving forward with our journey."

"However, I knew in my heart that even if it was the end of that journey, I still had a reason for going through all of this. I quickly realized that the reason was to help other people who might be going through the same thing. My hope is that YouMeMine helps make the search for an egg donor or surrogate simpler."


As the CEO and Founder of YouMeMine, I have faced my share of challenges. Finding an egg donor was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. The process was overwhelming, expensive and emotional. That’s a story I hear, all too often, from other hopeful parents who are searching for egg donors or surrogates. That's why I founded YouMeMine.

YouMeMine is a platform that connects intended parents with egg donors and gestational carriers.

What we’re not is an agency.

What we are is a worldwide database of egg donors and surrogates from agencies around the world. We understand how important these decisions can be and we respect the privacy of all participants and the importance of maintaining confidentiality. We are committed to streamlining the process of third party reproduction, so you can become a parent quickly, and with less stress.

How It Works

Search Egg Donor Profiles

Use YouMeMine to search for egg donors from agencies and egg donor programs all across the country.  YouMeMine allows you one place to access 1000's of egg donor profiles and easy to use tools to search by your specific criteria.  

Compare Egg Donor Profiles

After selecting your favorite egg donors, you are able to quickly and easily compare profiles in our side-by-side comparison view. 

Contact Fertility Expert

Once you find the egg donor that you like, just click on "Contact" and you will be connected directly to the egg donor's representing agency or egg donor program.  Our Agency Members are happy to assist you with your next steps.