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Posted By YouMeMine on 10/11/2018

Zillow for Making Babies: YouMeMine - A New Surrogacy and Egg Donor Database for Parenthood

Zillow for Making Babies: YouMeMine - A New Surrogacy and Egg Donor Database for Parenthood

“It really is like Zillow for intended parents!” – J.C., three-time surrogate.

Surrogates and egg donors are bringing new life to families all around the world. But searching for that “perfect” egg donor or surrogate can become a very long and expensive process that leaves prospective parents overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Now a new website that caters to this fast-growing industry has launched, making the searching process a game-changer.

“In the past, you could search for anything from homes to job listings represented by multiple companies together on one site, but it wasn’t that easy when trying to find an egg donor or surrogate, until now. Our goal is to simplify the process for intended parents and agencies by creating a global database of egg donor and surrogate profiles from agencies around the world all in one place.” says Melanie Murphy, Founder, YouMeMine.

Thanks to YouMeMine, finding and securing the right egg donor or surrogate has never been easier. YouMeMine offers a large comprehensive and complete searchable database along with an easy to use personalized dashboard for intended parents to search, save, and compare their favorite profiles. The site also boasts many helpful features for taking notes, storing important documents, and a global resource directory full of fertility professionals who can assist with financing, mental health, legal contracts, etc.

“My clients who are very specific about what they are looking for in an egg donor found their ideal match on YouMeMine,” says Ralph Tsong, Principal Attorney at Tsong Law Group,

Lucy Solie-Vilker, Program Director at Donor Nexus agency shares, “YouMeMine is a great online tool that helps to connect intended parents with many different egg donor and surrogacy agencies. It is a one stop shop that is beneficial for both the intended parents and fertility professionals. By removing some of the anxiety and stress most intended parents feel when first embarking on their egg donor and/or surrogacy journey, YouMeMine serves as a valuable resource for all intended parents. We are proud to partner with YouMeMine and look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with them.”

YouMeMine: using technology to help create families.

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