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Posted By Family Creations on 12/12/2017

Silenced by Infertility

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by Family CreationsADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2017

No couple ever wants to imagine that they will face infertility. Some will never experience the joys of a positive pregnancy test. These couples may watch their family, friends and acquaintances build their families while they sit silently in agony wondering when they will get to partake in this miracle themselves.
Women struggling with infertility often feel broken. They lose their spirit and frequently question why they cannot have a baby on their own. It’s hard for couples who become consumed with the reality of infertility. They become emotionally invested and hopeful that IVF will work and her eggs will be fertilized, yet even after multiple cycles of IVF it does not happen.  Couples become crushed, angry and heartbroken. They often avoid conversations about starting a family and others have to walk on eggshells to avoid these topics. No one wants to say the wrong thing.  Even everyday events—getting invited to a baby shower, seeing a baby in a stroller—can put them over the edge.
For couples who do not talk about their infertility, it makes for an even more painful situation. Couples report that it is easier to tell others that they don’t want a family, rather than admit that they have difficulty getting pregnant. There are so many questions that ensue that it becomes a burden to even open up about infertility as people can be insensitive and inconsiderate.
Since infertility is not readily talked about, not much gets done about it. However, there are other solutions for couples who cannot conceive. It is not something to be ashamed about, yet the grief and frustration can disconnect couples from the important people in their life who can provide support. There are online blogs, support groups and therapists who can provide guidance, solutions and encouragement to pursue different options to building a family.

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