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Posted By YouMeMine on 12/03/2020

Internet Rumors, Your Fertility, and COVID-19

Internet Rumors, Your Fertility, and COVID-19

Pretty much everyone has spent more time than usual cruising the web since March. That’s totally understandable, of course, given how much more time we’re collectively spending indoors. Fake news, internet rumors and fear-inducing, factual articles have become the daily sustenance for many, including people trying to start a family. What’s real, what’s not, and what should you do if you’re thinking of starting a family? 

Keeping in mind that news and research cycles are racing at breakneck speed, YouMeMine will break it all down for you based on current evidence.

COVID-19 kills sperm, true or false? 

The facts: Studies have found that COVID-19 can adversely affect sperm count and seminal fluid in infected individuals. No studies have indicated complete sperm death, merely a reduction in count. 

While not definitively proven, it is possible that any reduction in sperm count will be temporary, not permanent. 

What you should do: No one wants to get COVID-19, especially this close to a vaccine being made available. Continue to protect yourself by social distancing, wearing a mask in public, and washing your hands thoroughly and often. 

If you’re consumed with fear and it is interfering with your life, talk to a therapist (join the club! It’s big).

You can also consider freezing and storing your sperm, until our current crisis is over. 

The COVID-19 vaccine will render us all infertile, true or false?

The facts: This one is a solid FALSE! Internet rumors that make The Handmaid’s Tale look utopian in comparison, have been discussed on message boards and in Zoom meetings ad nausem. 

Let’s be clear: there is no evidence, or reason to assume, that any COVID-19 vaccine which hits the market will impact the reproductive systems of men, women, or children. This is fake news at its fearmongering worst. 

What you should do: It’s hard to distinguish between fake and real news. If you have any questions about COVID-19 and fertility, reach out to us here at Hello@YouMeMine.comWe have access to the best experts in reproductive medicine today. We will research the right information and let you know what it is.

You can also read trustworthy sources of medical information on your own. These include the JAMA Network, Healthline, and the Lancet

Should I put pregnancy on hold? 

The facts: Data, while not extensive, indicates that pregnant women may be more likely to experience severe reactions, such as pneumonia, from COVID-19 infection. Rates of preterm birth may also be escalated. Infants exposed to COVID-19 in the womb do not typically contract the virus, although those who do may also experience complications, such as pneumonia. 

What you should do: First off, there are no “shoulds” here. 

Keep in mind that COVID’s impact upon pregnant individuals can be reduced the same way it is for the general population – by social distancing, wearing a mask, and handwashing. 

Some pregnant people are opting to isolate completely, or with their partners exclusively. Others are going about their lives as usual. Many others are somewhere in the middle, going out only when needed, to reduce their exposure. 

You, your partner, your doctor, and your surrogate if you’re working with one, are the best people to weigh the benefits versus the risks, and to decide upon the next steps that make the most sense for you.


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