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Posted By YouMeMine on 02/03/2021

How to Find the Right Infertility Therapist for You

How to Find the Right Infertility Therapist for You

Infertility can take years to resolve. During that time, stress, anxiety, and depression can seemingly become a way of life. Your emotions may be a lot to unpack without support. 

If you’re going through infertility and already have a child, you may feel guilty about feeling sad. If you’re over a certain age, you may be guilt-ridden about waiting to start your family. 


Seeing a therapist or counselor who specializes in infertility is one of the ways you can support your journey while lessening the emotions it is causing. But, how to choose? 


We spoke with mental health counselor, Windy Ezzell, MA. 


literature review on the prevalence of psychological symptoms in people with infertility determined that 25% to 60% report psychiatric or emotional symptoms. The review also determined that the levels of anxiety and depression experienced by infertile individuals is significantly higher than that of the general population. 


You do not need to suffer alone. Processing your experience in real-time may be the best way for you to cope. 


According to licensed clinical mental health counselor, Windy Ezzell, MA, interviewing your potential therapist to determine if they are the best fit for you is an important and necessary first step. Things she suggests you consider include: 


  • Who appears to be the therapist’s ideal client – does their practice specialize in the type of family building you are pursuing? 

  • Will they work with single people, partners, and couples?

  • What specialized training do they have – do they sit on any committees or boards that have relevance to infertility or third-party reproduction?

  • Do they specialize in trauma-informed care?

  • How do they embrace diversity and inclusion? 

  • How many clients have they worked with who are struggling with fertility and family building challenges? 


A therapist does not have to have an infertility background to be the right choice for you. However, if seeing someone who understands this highly personal terrain gives you a feeling of comfort, there are several places you can look:



Coping with infertility can be hard on you and your relationships. Seeing the right therapist may not make the road less rocky, but it can soften the bumps. 

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