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Posted By IVF CONCEPTIONS on 06/25/2020

Everything To Know About Mindful Parenting

Everything To Know About Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting makes a healthy relationship between the parents and children.  So, play attention on it!

Mindfulness is a new term these days however, this does not make it less relevant. Mindfulness is the art of being present in the moment and act accordingly. It is an art of not getting disturbed and overwhelmed by your emotion. As parents, maybe the foremost precious thing we can provide to our youngsters is the gift of our full presence, within the moment. Although it seems to be difficult for today's parents due to their own twisted and demanding lifestyle.

The idea of mindful parenting has been around for long but not predominantly followed by all. The main aim of mindful parenting is in the fact that it tends to shift parents from simply reacting (mostly lashing out) to thoughtfully thinking about the situation.

While you move towards the mindfulness, you will have to take care of two things and remember them -

Reacting is mindless and it is a part of the emotional response that occurs due to the hopes and expectations not met.

Responding is mindfulness and it is all about thinking of why you had such a reaction and then recognizing what to do about it.

What are the doctrines of mindful parenting?

There are 4 beliefs and doctrines of mindful parenting. These are as follows -

  • Manage the stress - As a parent, we always live in a world full of the guilty past, stressful present, and a dull future. As a result, we are lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. This gives rise to stress. Remember the more you are stressed, the more you react and head towards mindlessness. As a result, we are not available to our kids the fullest. So, whenever you are stressed just follow the STOP acronym -

S - Stop before reacting to any situation

T - Take a deep breath. Try to relax. This lets your mind settle a bit and calm your body down.

O - Observe your breath as you breathe in and out. Forget about the situation and the world.

P - Proceed as now you are aware of your surroundings and are calm enough to make a better decision.

  • Respect the sovereignty of your children - Always remember one thing that you and your child are separate persons and have the identities of your own.

This is where most of the parents get stuck. They get stuck in the belief that they and their child is the same identity. Remember, the children always have felt the need to be recognized as they are. Every parent should give freedom to their child and respect their sovereignty.

Respecting the sovereignty does not mean that you are giving the unwanted freedom to your child or giving the child too many options, but the fact that you give them the chance to be heard and seen as their own. The thought is to figure out how to recognize and address every one of these requirements with more ability, comprehension, and effortlessness in careful mindfulness.

  • Take time to be present now - With the work and family life balance, we sometimes forget to give time to us. This is where mindful parenting comes in. Just sit at a fixed place and at a fixed time and give time to yourself.

This will not take much time. You must sit for 5 to 30 minutes. But during this time, you must concentrate on being present at the very moment. I know it will be difficult and the train of thoughts will continue to speed. But you must let go of the train of thoughts.

This is because whenever your mind is caught between the past and the future, you compromise with your mental and physical wellbeing. So, just concentrate on the present and concentrating on the present means that your mind and body are fully stable and there is a connection between them.  It has been proved again and again that meditation and yoga do help us in keeping our brain activity in control.  It gives us happiness that the outside world cannot provide.  It is not during medication that we feel peaceful and calm, but the good effect remains until many hours.  As we discover our peace and happiness, we spread it to people around us.  The benefit of mindfulness is not only for kids, but for our other relations like a spouse, colleagues, and society.

  • Be conscious and kindful to yourself - As a parent, we always forget about ourselves. But remember that mindfulness also means self-love.

Regularly, we are looking outside of ourselves for affection, endorsement, and care. In any case, through care practice, we can get back home to ourselves, jumping on our own best side, taking care of our own needs such that only we can accomplish for ourselves.

Raising a child can be so difficult, so the goal is to not exacerbate it. We figure out how to adore and acknowledge ourselves increasingly more as we truly seem to be, discovering increasingly more completeness. Our youngsters are needing our genuine love.

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So, this is all about how you as a parent can practice mindfulness, but it is equally important that a child should go for mindfulness. So, how as a parent could you help your child in embracing mindfulness?

Remember, small kids are naturally mindful, it is often us, the parents, who always hurry up the kids.

You should always follow the rules of airlines during the time of landing in the sea which says first wear your mask and life-saving jacket and then help your child do the same.

So, you should seek the mindful parenting before helping your child do the same. After you are done with being a mindful parent, help your children do the same. Help them embracing mindfulness in the form of games. Take a small walk, seeing things that are fascinating or unordinary to take a gander at as opposed to investing all their energy stuck to telephones and different gadgets.

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