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Posted By Family Creations on 10/11/2018

Dealing with a Miscarriage

Dealing with a Miscarriage

Pregnancy is a true miracle. Often we take for granted something that is so complex in nature when it comes so easy to some. For others, who face issues with pregnancy, such as miscarriage, it can be emotional and difficult to deal with.

Many women who find out they are pregnant for the first time often rejoice and feel an immediate bond. They may view pregnancy as an amazing journey that happens automatically as they try to enjoy the experience.  However, when a pregnancy ends suddenly and unexpectedly, one’s view on pregnancy can be forever changed. When a miscarriage happens, one can feel as if their body let them down. And for some, this can happen time and time again.

After one miscarriage, pregnancy can become associated with anxiety and worry. The morning sickness and nausea become welcome symptoms because that means your body is doing what it was supposed to be. Once those symptoms subside, however, then one becomes filled with worry. Concerns regarding the success of the pregnancy and the health of the baby become the main focus.

Women who experience a miscarriage(s) have anxiety where there should be excitement. Believe it or not, miscarriage is a relatively normal process and you are not alone in these feelings.  Experiencing such a loss may make you realize how deeply you want to be a mother.

If you have experienced a miscarriage, it is important to acknowledge the loss of your child. Finding a support system to talk about what happened can help deal with the anxiety and fear. Take the time you need to process what happened and to care for yourself. It can take a few weeks to a month for your body to recover from a miscarriage.

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